Overnight Deep Conditioner

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Sunny In Denbigh Overnight Deep Conditioner is the Holy Grail of all conditioners!

Like seriously, it’s the star of the show. We describe it as pure love! No matter the current condition of your hair, our deep conditioner will help improve the health and texture of your hair. Made with all natural ingredients, it nourishes and repairs the hair from the root to the tip.

Recommended: For all hair types, everyone can benefit from using our deep conditioner. It is recommended that you deep condition your hair twice per month.

How to use: FOR BEST RESULTS, Apply deep conditioner to damp hair before you shampoo. Cover with plastic cap and allow the conditioner to work overnight. For best results leave product in hair for at least 4 hours, overnight is ideal. Cover your pillow with a towel, as seepage may occur. You can also sit under a hooded dryer or steamer for 45 minutes if you are short on time or if you have low porosity hair. Rinse with warm water and follow with Sunny In Denbigh’s black soap herbal shampoo.

NOTE ABOUT PRODUCT: Due to temperatures and travel times the consistency of this product may vary upon arrival. PLEASE REFRIGERATE or FREEZE UPON ARRIVAL. Our ingredients are a 100% natural and fresh. Our conditioner will go bad if not stored properly! If you freeze your deep conditioner, it will last for months. Just take out what you need each wash day. To use, take out desired amount of conditioner and allow to thaw at room temperature. You can also boil some water and place the container with the conditioner in the warm water. Once thawed, pour in a bowl, stir until creamy and apply to hair.

Contains Nut Ingredient - Shea Butter comes from Shea Nut, Herbal Oil Blend, Honey, Vinegar, Herbal Tea & Xantham Gum

Size: 32 oz or 64 oz


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