Transformation photo showing the results of Sunny In Denbigh's Hydration bundle, and hair butter using the banding method to air dry. Results show defined and manageable curls
For all the ppl who say 4C hair is impossible!

Buy you some good products like ours here at Sunny In Denbigh and watch your 4C strands coil!

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Growth & Hydration Bundle Combo is all you need to start!

**Results achieved by using the Growth & Hydration Combo**


**Results achieved by using Growth & Hydration Combo**

I am officially in-love with your products. I don’t ever remember my natural hair being this soft


“I only lost 4 strands of hair! Products are absolutely amazing, especially the shampoo!”



“I’m a believer. Your body butter is the truth. My feet are always so rough, but now they’re super smooth. Better results than using Aquaphor, which is/was my go to. Do you sell it in a larger size?”



@cassie_gsix sent in her testimonial using our Protective Styling Essentials bundle while having her knotless braids in!!

Judge for yourself!


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