Hey Sunflower!

Thank you for checking us out! Sunny In Denbigh is a natural hair and skincare line that started nine years ago totally by accident. As a working mom of 2 girls, I was frustrated with the selection of hair care products on the market. My girl’s natural hair had become very dry, and damaged and it had gotten to the point where I would dread wash day or frankly anything to do with their natural hair. I had always loved beautiful, healthy looking hair and in my spirit I knew this wasn’t it. I had to do something to improve the current condition of my daughters hair.

The people who know me best, will tell you that I am always doing or making something. I have always been drawn to things that involved me using my hands and being able to create. I love to draw, sew, crotchet, make wigs, do hair, cook food and my makeup skills aren’t too bad either.

After spending money on countless products hoping to find that one holy grail product on the market, I stopped myself and decided to try making a natural hair care product myself. I started researching herbs, oils and butters and I got so engrossed in it, it was all I could think about. I ran up my Amazon credit card ordering different ingredients to experiment with and I was always trying to perfect one concoction or another.

The interesting thing is, you know how I was so conflicted as to what gift God wanted me to use? Well guess what? I get to use all of them making these natal hair care products. I get to blend my love for hair and experimenting in the kitchen with every single item I make. You will be able to experience the love, bliss and joy that when you receive them.

I know this was long, hopefully you’re still here with me, but if you are struggling with your hair whether, bald spots, thinning, dry hair, slow growth, or if you just want to become more educated on how to better care for natural hair, please reach out and try our products. We use the best quality natural ingredients to create each of our natural hair care and skin products. The oils, butters and herbs used are of superb quality and no added preservatives, alcohol, sulfates, petroleum, mineral oil or silicones are used. We do use essential oils in some of our products. Here at Sunny in Denbigh we pride ourselves on being authentic and natural with everything we do.

Our number one priority of course are our valued customers, especially our little girls. As a mom of 2 girls, I realize how important it is for all girls to fall in love with their hair at an early age. My hope is that our products will foster that love and appreciation we need to have for our hair and skin. We appreciate you trusting us with your hair and skin care needs. We will celebrate your hair victories and we are here to support you when you need us to keep going on your journey.

Oh! And if you are wondering why the name Sunny in Denbigh? Well it’s because I grew up in Jamaica, in a small town called Denbigh and my favorite childhood memories are of the sunny days my mom, brother and I spent living in there. I wanted to represent that through this line and honor those memories in some way,

God bless you always!

Love, Sunny

CEO & Founder of Sunny In Denbigh

 P.S. Be sure to watch me as I install box braids on my oldest daughter Elle using our Sunny In Denbigh products.