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Carefully crafted with powerful ingredients renowned for their hair-strengthening and growth-promoting properties, the selected products are your ultimate companion on the path to achieving LONGER hair you've always dreamed of. Whether you're recovering from damage or simply aiming to boost your hair's natural growth, our Growth products are designed to provide the support you need.

The Solution for Stronger, Healthier, Longer Locks –

Are you yearning for vibrant and flourishing hair that exudes strength and health? Look no further – our Growth produts are the answer to your hair concerns.

Growth Bundle: Experience the ultimate transformation with our Growth Bundle. This dynamic trio - Herbal Growth Oil, Deep Conditioner, and Fenugreek Hair Tonic - works synergistically to nurture, strengthen, and revitalize your curls. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a flourishing, radiant mane. Elevate your hair care routine with the Growth Bundle and unlock the full potential of your natural beauty.

Deep Conditioner: Transform your curls with our Deep Conditioner, a powerhouse blend for intense hydration and restoration. Say goodbye to dry, damaged strands and hello to revitalized, silky-smooth curls. Perfect for a weekly spa-like treatment that brings out the best in your hair.

Growth Bundle
Growth Bundle
Sunny In Denbigh Growth Bundle Consist of:  16 oz Hair Butter   16 oz Herbal Blacksoap Shampoo   4 oz Herbal Growth oil  2 oz Intensive scalp oil

Growth Bundle

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Ready to finally accomplish your hair growth goals? You will love this bundle! Four best selling products bundled together to bring you EXTREME GROWTH- use them as a bundle for your weekly hair routine, or individually for easy styling and manageability. This bundle provides the ideal solution for alopecia, regrowing your edges, balding and thinning areas.

Curly hair can grow fast, and we can prove it!

Discover the secret behind my daughters' remarkable waist-length and back-length hair—Sunny In Denbigh's Growth Bundle. 

Four of best selling growth products, bundled together for the ultimate growth experience. Our growth bundle has everything you need to reclaim your edges, grow back your bald spot, treat your alopecia, reverse male pattern baldness, and finally a product that can provide accelerated hair growth to areas that are slow to grow:

  • Start with our shampoo for a clean foundation.
  • Our hair butter, ideal for daily styling and conditioning.
  • Seal it all in with our herbal growth oil.
  • Target trouble areas with our intensive scalp oil.

Use them individually or as a complete set, either way they are enriched with all-natural oils, herbs, and butters that provide intensive growth. Made with natural  ingredients that have been proven to stimulate follicular activity and increase blood flow. Our Growth Bundle has the perfect blend of products to enhance hair growth and overall hair health.

Pairs best with our Hydration Bundle and Deep Conditioner for moisture.

Bundle Includes:

  • 16 oz Hair Butter
  • 16 oz Blacksoap Shampoo
  • 4 oz Herbal Growth Oil
  • 2 oz Intensive Scalp Oil