Celebrate the beauty of your likely straight hair type with our personalized product recommendations:

Unlock the full potential of your likely straight hair type with our curated product recommendations:

Sunny In Denbigh Loves Your Hair!
Caring for your specific Hair type

Discover the perfect care routine for your likely straight hair type with our recommended products:

Argan Acai Bundle: Treat your straight locks with the nourishing benefits of our Argan Acai Bundle. This bundle is formulated to enhance the health and shine of your naturally sleek hair.

Clarifying Shampoo: Keep your straight hair clean, refreshed and revitalized with our clarifying shampoo. Gently clean and remove build-up, leaving your strands feeling light and clean.

Eucalyptus Rosemary Shampoo Bar: Experience the invigorating blend of eucalyptus and rosemary in a convenient Shampoo & Conditioning Bar. This bar promotes healthy hair & scalp health for straighter strands. Leaving your strands clean, conditioned and moisturized.

Elevate your hair care routine with these tailored recommendations for your most likely Type 1 straight hair. Experience the difference and embrace the beauty of your sleek, healthy locks!

Argan Acai Bundle
Argan Acai Bundle
Our New Sunny In Denbigh Argan Acai Bundle is made with 100% Argan oil from Morocco!! The items in this bundle will strengthen, moisturize, growth, detangle, repair and strengthen your hair! 16 oz Argan Acai bundle

Argan Acai Bundle

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 Our Luxurious Argan Acai Bundle - Your Ultimate Hair Care Solution!

Made from 100% pure Argan Oil from Morocco our Argan Acai Bundle has the ideal combination of products to strengthen your hair and eliminate hair loss. While this bundle works on all hair types, it is ideal if your strands are finer or straight in texture. Take your hair care routine to new heights with this transformative bundle designed to strengthen, minimize breaking & shedding for all hair types!

What's Inside:

  • A Complete Hair Care Collection: This all-inclusive bundle equips you with all the products you need on wash day to nourish & strengthen your curls.
  • Enter a tropical paradise with our new scented bundle. Notes of zesty lemon and luscious Açaí berry create a refreshing, fruity aroma.
  • Combat Breakage & Shedding: If you're battling hair breakage and shedding, this bundle is your ultimate ally. Enhance results by combining our Argan Acai Conditioner with our wheat protein treatment.

Suitable for All Ages & Hair Types: 

  • Gentle enough for children, this bundle offers the same nourishing benefits to all hair types and ages. Moms love this bundle for the kiddos on wash day as well!

    Your Bundle Contains: • 16 oz Argan Acai Shampoo • 16 oz Argan Acai Conditioner • 16 oz Argan Acai Curl Refresher •  2 oz Moroccan Argan Oil Serum