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Thank you for sharing your hair concerns! If you're looking to achieve stronger, healthier locks and promote hair moisture, our Hydration Bundle is the perfect solution.

The Solution for Hydrated, Healthier Locks – Our Hydration Bundle!

Are you yearning for vibrant and flourishing hair that exudes strength and health? Look no further – our Hydration Bundle is the answer to your hair concerns.

Hydration Bundle
The hydration bundle from Sunny In Denbigh Our hydration bundle specifically formulated for hair and scalp that is dry and brittle. Dry brittle hair cannot thrive as it does not have the moisture necessary to feed the hair strands. Our hydration bundle contains items from our product line that provide the hair with extreme moisture and replenishes hair and scalp health allowing hair to grow and thrive again.

Hydration Bundle

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Struggling with dry hair, brittle hair? Well not anymore, we packaged our four favorite moisture packed products, for one HYDRATING bundle that allows your hair to grow and thrive. Our hydration bundle is humectant packed and has all the products to help to retain moisture and eliminate dry hair for good! You will see immediate, long lasting results. Perfect for kids and adults alike!

This complete bundle is especially formulated with 4 humectant rich products that guides you through a wash day routine that provides the ultimate hydration & moisture for dry hair.  Each step of your wash day routine ensures added moisture retention, our Overnight Deep Conditioner, Black Soap Shampoo, Leave in Conditioner & Detangler and Herbal Growth Oil provide everything you need to bring those strand back to life. 

It is an ideal moisture bundle for children and adults a like, pairs perfectly with our hair butter for growth &  wheat protein treatment for strengthening hair and eliminating breakage.

Our humectant filled Hydration Bundle includes everything you need to retain moisture and say good bye to dry brittle hair!


  • 16 oz Overnight Deep Conditioner
  • 16 oz Herbal Black Soap Shampoo
  • 16 oz Leave-in Conditioner & Detangler
  • 4 oz Herbal Growth Oil