What Natural Hair Color Should I Have? Take the Quiz!

Hey Kinky Queens and Kings! Ever wonder what natural hair color would make your crown truly pop? This quiz is for you! We'll explore options that flatter your unique skin tone, features, and most importantly, complement the glorious texture of your kinky hair.

Ready to rock your perfect natural hair color? Let's dive in!

Question 1: Skin Tone Savvy

A. Rich Melanin: Deep skin with cool undertones (reddish or bluish hues)

B. Golden Glow: Deep skin with warm undertones (golden or yellow hues)

C. Sun-Kissed Beauty: Light-medium skin with neutral undertones (a mix of cool and warm)

D. Porcelain Perfection: Fair skin with cool undertones (pinkish or bluish hues)

E. Sunny Delight: Fair skin with warm undertones (yellowish or golden hues)

Question 2: Eye-conic Beauty

A. Striking Blues or Greens

B. Mesmerizing Hazels

C. Warm Brown Eyes with flecks of gold or green

D. Deep Brown Eyes with flecks of blue or gray

Question 3: Kinky Hair Knowledge

A. Super fine, tight coils (4a hair type)

B. Fine coils with a z-shaped pattern (4b hair type)

C. Springy coils with a defined S-pattern (4c hair type)

D. Looser coils with a defined curl pattern (3c hair type)

Question 4: Your Kinky Crown Style

A. Bold and Edgy: Think shaved sides, geometric cuts, or bold twists.

B. Timeless and Chic: You love sleek buns, bantu knots, or classic braids.

C. Fun and Playful: You rock colorful twists, bantu knots with beads, or playful updos.

D. Natural and Defined: You love wash-and-go styles, twist-outs, or braid-outs that showcase your texture.

Ready to reveal your kinky hair color soulmate?

Mostly A's & B's: Your rich skin tone and striking eyes were made for bold, cool-toned hues. Experiment with a deep auburn, a touch of burgundy, or even a vibrant blue or purple for a truly unforgettable look.

Mostly B's & C's: Warm undertones and mesmerizing eyes look stunning with warm browns that complement your golden glow. Consider a rich chocolate brown with red highlights, a honey blonde balayage, or a playful copper hue.

Mostly C's & D's: Embrace your natural beauty with deep, rich browns that enhance your kinky texture! Mahogany, espresso, or a warm chestnut brown will add dimension and definition to your coils. Don't be afraid to add subtle blonde highlights for extra pop.

Mostly D's & E's: Your fair skin and kinky texture create a stunning canvas for a variety of colors. Play with a medium auburn, a touch of honey blonde, or even a vibrant burgundy.

Remember, this is just your color inspiration! The most important thing is to choose a shade that makes you feel confident and lets your inner light shine through.

Bonus Tip: Kinky hair thrives with moisture! For healthy, vibrant color, consider incorporating a deep conditioning treatment into your routine.

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