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Happy Sunday Sunny Girl,

We have been getting email after email this week from women just like you who are experiencing dryness, growth issues and Alopecia. If any of this sounds like you you’re in the right place and continue to read on. Some of you follow our IG page and so you see first hand daily how issues I had with my daughters and my own hair and the lack of products on the market that truly grew our hair without all the additional chemicals was missing from the market. So I started this journey to help my own 2 daughters I had no idea what God had in store for me. Here we are almost 9 years later making products to help women like you all over the world.

First I want to say “Thank you” to everyone who has supported us and for entrusting us with your Hair stories and your photos. Our hair is our crown and when we feel good about our hair there’s nothing we can’t accomplish as women (and men we know we have male followers that ride for us!!) I wanted to share three of the main Hair Concerns we’ve received over the last few weeks. Everything you send us we work to clarify because if one of you is experiencing an issue there are more out there who are too shy or ashamed to speak up. NO MORE SUFFERING IN SILENCE continue reading there is HELP and HOPE for your hair.



What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is hair loss or balding. It may happen on any part of the body. There are many types of alopecia. Some types cause temporary hair loss and your hair will grow back

There are many different forms and causes of Alopecia, what we write here is generalized (we can offer more tailored solutions based on your individual needs if you email us at

Our Intensive Oil is naturally formulated to stimulate hair growth in thinning and balding areas. Our intensive oil will work in most cases as long as any inflammation or scarring you may have below the scalp will allow hair from your follicle to push through. 100% of our customers who use our product have reported they were able to regrow hair within 3 weeks to a month of daily use. While we pride ourselves on our customers success using this product, this is not the only care you will need. In many cases Alopecia is coupled together with dry hair. As I always tell you, “Dry Hair” will not grow, you will need to moisturize your hair daily.



Before we recommend any regimen or products we like to first find out why you think you have Dry Hair.

Can your hair pass this Simple Dry Hair test?

Take a dry strand and gently pull both ends to stretch it. If it breaks easily, you don't have enough moisture in your hair.

Dry Hair is one of the leading causes of hair loss or for women not wanting to deal with their natural hair. In many cases over the years we have overstyled and over processed our hair with methods not made for our hair texture to meet impossible beauty standards. Many of us are looking for alternatives and to be able to wear our natural hair. Our Overnight Deep Conditioner, Herbal Growtth Oil and Hair butter help heal damaged hair by sealing the cuticle, or outer layer, with moisture. A water, protein and Vitamin rich diet together with our products can help you achieve your hair goals.



Low porosity means your strands are tightly bound or coiled, your cuticle layer lays flat and tends to repel water. You may think you are using enough product and unsure why you’re not achieving your desired results. Low Porosity Hair requires daily maintenance and you should wash you hair more often in most cases to prevent product buildup while simultaneously being careful not to strip the hair of its essential oils that are needed to grow your hair. Twists are a great protective style for low porosity hair. Protein treatments every 3 weeks will help to keep your hair from becoming dry while ridding it of any product buildup.

Knowing the underlying causes for your hair concerns is important and knowing how to care for each is equally as important. We’re in the Natural Hair Care Product Business but we want our customers to be informed about the process and the products their using.


We recommend the following products for our clients with Alopecia, Dry and/or Low PorosityHair:


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