Natural Anti Hair Fall Remedy: Stop hair loss in its tracks

Natural Anti Hair Fall Remedy

When it comes to hair, we Black women do not play! This is because we often associate our hair with our beauty. We style it in braids, loc's, updos, weaves, twists and curls in an effort to express ourselves in a way that feels authentic. So, when we begin to experience things like hair loss it can make even the most beautiful women feel insecure. 

Black woman smiling and examining her kinky textured hair

You are not alone! Sunny In Denbigh began as a personal mission to improve the growth and length of my daughters hair, and grew into a business that has now helped 1000’s of women around the globe conquer issues like hair loss, breakage, shedding and even alopecia using organic natural hair care products.

Organic Natural Hair Products

We believe success lives in our formula. We pride ourselves on offering all natural hair products.

 Sunny In Denbigh is always chemical, preservative and cruelty free. This is because we source the best ingredients, techniques and hair growth strategies that specifically seek to grow Black hair.

Take our  Overnight Deep Conditioner, for example. It has been one of our top sellers since we began Sunny In Denbigh in 2018, and for good reason too! The unique all natural product has a blend of Shea Butter , Herbal Oil Blend, Honey, Vinegar, Herbal Tea and Xantham Gum.

This is the perfect product to stop breakage and shedding in its tracks. The special blend replenishes moisture back into the hair follicle.

Our clients tend to see less hair loss, thicker strands, and more manageable curls within 3 washes.

How To Use Our Overnight Deep Conditioner to Prevent Hair Loss

How does it work:

This is a special conditioning method similar to ‘pre-pooing’ , where you moisturize your hair prior to washing. This allows your hair to preserve some of the oils and nutrients and emerge from the shampoo cycle without your hair being stripped and fragile.

What you will need: 

  • Overnight Deep Conditioner
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Plastic Cap, Hair Clips, Wide Tooth Comb, and Towel

Start on dry, detangled hair parted into sections.

 Take ⅓ cup of your overnight deep conditioner, or more depending on your hair’s length and thickness, and heat it up until it's warm to the touch.

Work the warm mixture into your hair, focusing on the hair shaft and working your way to the root, be sure to apply it to your scalp and that all the strands are coated thoroughly. 

When your hair is covered in the mix, trap in the moisture using your plastic cap, and then wrap the towel around the cap to create a greenhouse effect.

Keep your hair covered for no less than 30 minutes. But be mindful the treatment can be left overnight.

Once the hair is soft, remove the towel and rinse your hair with warm water. But, don’t feel the need to fully cleanse the oils out of the hair, the moisture will continue adding benefits if some is left within the strands.

Finally, shampoo the hair as normal using cool water. This will seal the hair cuticle, leaving your hair softer, fuller, and stronger.

Finish by styling the hair with our hair butter to create a low manipulation style to get maximum results.


We recommend you do this weekly for a month, and watch your hair grow and your shedding come to a stop!

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