How to Use the Sunny In Denbigh Hair Butter

 So recently i was on live and a Sunflower says, "Sunny, can you explain how to use the hair butter?I use it to twist, but I also use it to detangle. Am I doing it right?"

You can!

So the hair butter does make your hair super soft.  If you're looking for something to do detangle, I would recommend the leave in conditioner or detangler or the acai refresher is also excellent. And I don't recommend manipulating dry hair. So you'll always see me go in with some kind of moisturizing product before I use hair butter, which seals in the oil, or herbal growth oil, which seals in the oil as well. 

So I always use like a liquid, a water based product. And like I said before, for us here at Sunny, that's our leave-in conditioner detangler or our Acai refresher. And then I use the hair butter as grease on the scalp. 

You can also use the hair butter on your ends to soften your hair. And you certainly can use it to help to detangle, especially if you use a water based product before. It's a very versatile product. You can use it on wet hair.  You can use it on dry hair. It has a growth formula in it.

The only way I would say is not to use it is don't use it first and then put a water based product on top, because then the water based product is not going to be able to penetrate your strands.  Right.

But any other way you use the hair butter, it's perfectly fine, super flexible. You can use it for whatever.

We have men that use it on their beards. My mom uses it as body butter. I wouldn't do that, but she just uses the products any kind of way. 

But, yeah, it's very flexible. You really can't mess it up. You really can't use it wrong, so feel free with it.


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