Love on your Hair Sis!

She can feel your energy! Speak reassuring words to her. Envision her at your goal length always!

Don’t focus on what anyone else is doing; Go at your own pace.

Accept her in her current state! Don’t compare her to others.

At Sunny In Denbigh we speak fluent “Hair", ….she is fragile so be kind to her Sis. She will reward you for it!


Sunny In Denbigh



At Sunny In Denbigh we want to help you plan your way to healthy hair. Winter is the best season to prepare your hair for growth. This month start a haircare schedule that is optimal for maintaining moisture and promoting growth so you can Stunt in Summer!

There are 2 key areas we want you to focus on :

1- The products you are using on your hair, Sunny In Denbigh of course;

Check out 4 of our featured products below; Follow the instructions for use on our site;

2- The food you consume will show up in your hair make sure you are consuming foods to promote growth; Foods rich in Zinc, Iron, Protein and Vitamin C. Here are a few we recommend: (Check Out Our Smoothie Recipe Below)


  1. Berries

  2. Spinach

  3. Fatty Fish

  4. Sweet Potatoes

  5. Avocados

  6. Nuts and Seeds

  7. Beans

  8. Eggs

  9. Sweet Peppers

  10. Seafood (Oysters and Shrimp)



Hair Love Runs Deep!

Our Overnight Deep Conditioner had our client Mrs. Moncrieffe singing our praises last month. After one overnight use she had minimal shedding after she styled her hair. And Sis just check out this pic of her protective style. The beautiful thing she can wear her natural hair in this style for a couple of weeks. The less you manipulate and put pressure on your strands the more they will flourish and grow.


Vitamin C Smoothie

A Vitamin C Smoothie contains Antioxidants that will protect your hair and scalp; It also aids in the absorption of the iron that is contained in the Pea Protein. The iron stores in your body, improves your ferritin levels to a healthy range optimal for hair growth.


¾ cup fresh pineapple

¾ cup strawberries

¾ cup orange juice

¼ cup mango

½ scoop pea protein powder (Can be found at Whole Foods)


Blend all ingredients to desired consistency and serve chilled.


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