How to Care for Your Hair While on Vacation

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Are you headed on a long awaited, much needed and well deserved vacation this summer? Pack these Sunny In Denbigh Essentials for hair that thrives even while you pack in the fun on vacation! Keep reading to learn more!

Listen from the looks of things in stores last week while trying to find carry on luggage you guys are all out this summer. I had to shop 3 different stores before I was able to find luggage for us. I love to see it!

No matter where you're headed this summer be sure to take care of your hair before, during and of course after vacation. Theres nothing worse than caring for your hair all year long and lose inches and thickness over the summer. Trust me I have heard all the horror stories. 

So let's get into. Preparation is key to thriving hair while on vacation. Be sure to wash your hair prior to heading on vacation. Whether you are installing a protective style or opting for a "Wash & Go" here are the steps:



1- 2-3 days before travel Wash and Condition Hair as per our Product Instructions 

2- Install Protective Style (Braids, Twists, Faux Locs etc.) Try to air dry your hair prior to installation vs Blow drying.

3- Pack Black Soap Shampoo, Leave In Conditioner, Hair Butter, Herbal Growth Oil, Intensive Oil and Hair Butter (Be sure to check TSA regulations for Bottle Sizes) These Products can be found in our Protective Styling Essentials Bundle just add on Hair Butter or our Growth and Hydration Bundles.


During Vacation 

1- Daily be sure to massage Intensive Oil on problem areas and herbal growth oil on rest of scalp.

2- Daily Spritz hair with our Leave in Conditioner to keep hair soft and manageable even while in your protective style.

3- Every couple of days use hair butter to massage scalp, moisturize shaft of hair and coat ends. 


Post Vacation

1- Do a Detox once you return from vacation. 

2- Follow Steps 1-6 of our product instructions upon return from vacation 


Need a few visuals to help? Check out our IGTV tutorial videos!!


Vacation Hair Product Recommendations:

Growth Bundle Hydration Bundle

Protective Styling Essentials BundleHair Butter 

Detox Clay

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