3 Ways to Care for High Porosity Hair in a Protective Style



At Sunny In Denbigh we believe knowing your Porosity trumps Curl Type aka Hair Type 2A-4C. Knowing your porosity helps to determine which products you should use and how much. This information helps you to treat, manage and care fo your hair.

What is Hair Porosity?

Hair porosity refers to how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture. Porosity also affects how well oils, butters and moisture pass in and out of your cuticle. 


What are the 3 Porosity Types?

The three Porosity categories are 

High Porosity: Cuticles are further apart or widely spaced.

Medium Porosity: Cuticles are not as tightly bound as low porosity hair.

Low Porosity: Cuticles are tightly bound or close together.


What Can Affect or Change My Hair Porosity Type?

In a perfect world genetics would be the only contributing factor to porosity type but with so many different styling and chemical processes we put our hair through our cuticles can become damaged and make it hard for our hair to retain moisture. 

Sun and ultraviolet exposure can also increase the porosity of our hair. To learn you hairs porosity type you can use our Simple Water Test.


How to Care for High Porosity hair

Once you determine porosity you can determine which products to use. For the article we are covering High porosity Hair.

You have High Porosity hair if:

  • Your hair tends to break easily
  • Water and moisturizing products are quickly absorbed into your hair
  • Your hair tends to be on the drier side; frizzy; 
  • Your hair air dries quickly

Here is the regimen to care for your High Porosity Hair before and during a Protective Style:

1- Wash your hair weekly using our Black Soap Shampoo. Use lukewarm water; Avoid hot water.

2- Apply Heat when using our Overnight Deep Conditioner. On Wash Day apply conditioner to damp soiled hair, place plastic cap or bag on your hair and sit under a hooded steamer or dryer for 35 -45 minutes.

3- Use Shampoos or Conditioners with honey or glycerin in their ingredients. 

4- Use oils and butters in your hair to help moisturize and help your hair retain moisture.

5- Spritz your hair with our Leave In Conditioner daily to help your hair hold on to moisture. 

How to Care for High Porosity hair in a Protective Style

 Our CEO Gillian recently did a demonstration on our IGTV on how to care for High Porosity Hair (her daughter Elle has High Porosity Type 4A hair) while in a Protective Style using our Protective Styling Essentials Bundle

Click Here to Watch.

Here are the Daily steps in order:

1- Spritz hair with our Leave in Conditioner to refresh hair and scalp.

2- Apply Our Herbal Growth Oil to Scalp to moisturize and retain moisture

3- Apply Intensive Oil to any problem areas like patches or bald edges to stimulate growth. 

4- Follow-up with our Hair Butter to seal in moisture. Use Bonnet or scarf to lay down hair ((edges)

How to Care for High Porosity hair After a Protective Style

1- After you uninstall braids be sure to follow our full regimen including a Protein Treatment. Click here for full regimen.

As always if you have specific hair questions email us at info@sunnyindenbigh.com

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