Wishing all our beautiful mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear Sunflowers,

I want to take this time to wish all our beautiful mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is super special to me because being a mom has given me my purpose and helped me to define my why. Having two daughters  and a son to care for pushed me into birthing Sunny In Denbigh.

The honest truth is I struggled with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) for years, and was told by multiple doctors that I would never be able to bear children. BUT GOD!! For as long as I could remember I wanted kids, a lot of them!  And if my husband hadn’t stopped me at 3 I would have probably had more. God had other plans for my life, and knew I needed these girls to birth the gift he had put inside me.

I am naturally a very caring and nurturing person, so being a mother is very instinctive to me. When my daughters were younger I spent all my time being the best mom I could be to them, this even included the way I would care for their hair. 

When the big named store bought brands didn't do the trick, I took matters into my own hands and started making my own products for them. The girl’s hair flourished with each new product I added. Their strands started retaining moisture and we finally started getting inches! Even family and friends became curious and wanted to know exactly what was happening.

I wanted my daughters to feel confident, beautiful and bold as young girls. I know how important it is to show up strong and confident early on in life. I knew that if I could instill these beliefs in them and care for them the best I could then I could increase their chances of growing up to be strong fearless women. I also knew how important a woman’s crown is to how she feels about herself so I set out to help them love and appreciate themselves and their strands through creating these products.

Sunny In Denbigh in essence started when the girls were 4 and 6 respectively, but I kept it to the confines of our home because I never saw it as a business venture nor was I interested in being an entrepreneur at the time. However, God had other plans for my life. In January of 2019,  because of my daughters and the need I had for them to, I  decided to start sharing my gift with the world. Sunny In Denbigh became an official business. I decided to share my gift of making natural hair and skincare products with the world.

God knew I needed doll babies to birth the entrepreneurial spirit and gifts he had planted in me. Only my children could get me to dream this big. Motherhood has been an absolute blessing to me. There are days when I struggle like all mothers do, but motherhood has helped me define my life’s purpose, walk in my essence and connect with others around the world who use and love our natural hair and skincare products.

Happy Mothers Day my loves! I celebrate with you all today as well.

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