What Sunny Recommends for Babies with 4c Hair

 So Coca says, "I swear by the black soap shampoo. I love it for my daughter. She's a year old and she has 4c hair, What else do you recommend?"


Hey, Coco girl,

The black soap shampoo is dope. And what's great is that it is all natural. With babies you have to think about the chemical makeup of everything you use. This is because babies have very sensitive skin, hair, bones, everything, right?

So, a lot of new moms come to me, because they know my products are all natural and will cause their baby no harm. In fact, moms with babies as young as 2 weeks use and trust our products.

Like Coco said, the black soap shampoo is a great product to start with. I  would also get her leave in conditioner and detangler to detangle her hair and some hair butter. Hair butter or herbal growth oil. 

Or you can do both at once.

You could get away with just using one. And if I was going to pick one over the other, I would probably do hair butter just because the hair butter I feel like you can use to style her hair. 

You can also use that to seal her moisture in. It's going to grow her hair and it's going to make her hair get thick. And don't worry about it. I know people act like 4c hair is the end of the world. 

If you saw my post yesterday with my daughter Marley. Marley has 4c hair and you can see how long her hair is growing. And her hair could have been grown longer. But we struggled for so long with her scalp, we couldn't figure that part out. 
So now that we got the scalp health figured out, her hair is really growing and thriving. 

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