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Hi, Beautiful!

Just in case you’re new we wanted to give you a few “Quick Product Tips” so you can get the best use and results from our products!!!

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Sunny In Denbigh Leave In Conditioner

Sunny In Denbigh Leave In Conditioner


  • Leave In Conditioner: For Best Results Shake before each use to mix any herbs that may have sunk to the bottom; Store in a cool place (refrigerate if you live in a warmer client for longer shelf life);

  • Overnight Deep Conditioner: Refrigerate upon delivery; If you plan to use Deep Conditioner within 24-48 hours of receiving your order you can leave in refrigerator; For longer shelf life (32 oz or larger store Deep conditioner in freezer. Warm Conditioner before applying to strands/scalp via Applicator bottle for easier application;

  • Protein Treatment: Store in Refrigerator; Shake before use; Use with our Overnight Deep Conditioner for best results based on Hair Porosity Type;

  • Black Soap Shampoo: Our Black Soap Shampoo is a Low Suds Shampoo; Be sure to rinse out all product and DO NOT shampoo more than 2 times with Black Soap on Wash Day as it can dry out hair; Follow up with our Herbal Growth Oil and/or Hair Butter;

*Disclaimer: Our products don’t play fair so be sure to take “Before and After” pics because growth will happen quickly; Submit your progress pics via DM on our IG page here.


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