Relax Sis, Our New Twist-out Bundle Got You Covered


Needless to stay as we complete the first week of November 2020 we are in need of some self-care on all fronts, but we give God thanks in all conditions. At Sunny In Denbigh we have your hair and skin covered. Gillian our CEO is showing off our Forever Mood in this pic, Hair flourishing and edges slayed and laid to the heavens!!

Take time today to moisturize your strands using our Leave In Conditioner, Herbal Growth Oil, Intensive scalp oil for those suffering from thinning, balding or Alopecia and add Hair butter to those ends.

For those looking for the perfect products to style your hair for a firmer hold look no further than our Twist out Bundle. We spent the last year perfecting the natural formula in this bundle to give you the hold you desire without the risk of damaging your hair. Keep reading to learn more.

We sent a few samples of The Perfect Twist out Bundle and we received rave reviews. The Fan Fave has been the Creamy Leave In Conditioner. We sold out when we released it on Tuesday so we brought it back today.



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