How to Overcome Seborrheic Dermatitis in 4 easy steps

It's sunny here again.

 I've just  finished washing Marley's hair with a clarifying shampoo and tea tree oil. Currently we are using a combination of the hydration bundle and scalp bundle for Marley's hair.

And, because Marley, like many of you all, has scalp issues (flaking, product build up, dermatitis, and itchiness), I wanted to share with you all my 4 step method to caring for her hair using Sunny In Denbigh products. Let's get started...

1. Detangle

So since we're done shampooing,  I'm going to go in real quick and add our leave in conditioner and detangler in our spray bottle.

For me, its easier working with our leave in conditioner  in our spray bottle.

First, I Take her bun down. I'm going to give that a spritz. Right. 

Next, I want to quickly detangle her hair and because she has scalp issues, I'm very conscious as to what I use on her scalp and her strands. So the leave in conditioner and detangler is perfect because it does have anti-fungal properties in it. And that's going to help to get rid of any buildup that she might have.

2. Moisturize and Seal

Then after detangling with the leave in, I'm then going to go in with my herbal growth oil right here.  I'm only putting this on her ends and on her strands. 
I'm not putting any of this on her roots, because the only thing I want to put on her roots is a scalp butter, because she does have scalp issues.

So, I'm sealing the moisture in here. And then what I am going to do  next is I'm going to put the hair butter right here, our hair butter

3. Put some extra love and care on the ends
I'm going to put some hair butter on her ends, right?  I'm going to take a glob of hair butter, and I'm just going to put it on her ends. We always want to protect the ends!

Ends are the oldest part of the hair, so we need to give them some TLC and we need to condition and repair the ends.

4.Treat the scalp

Notice, so far, I haven't put anything on her scalp. I'm being intentional about this because I'm going to go back in and I'm only going to apply the scalp butter here, to her scalp, right?

So I'm gonna take me a glob of scalp butter and I'm gonna put it on the back of my hands, and I am gonna work this through directly on her scalp.

Just using my nails to part her hair, and I just want to make sure that I get some all over her scalp

So that's how we use the scalp bundle in 4 simple steps

What I didn't do, which I could do, is put some tea tree oil drops in the scalp butter. Feel free to drop your tea tree oil in your scalp butter and also in your leave in conditioner. 

And you could put some in your clarifying shampoo as well. Right?

So, then I'm going to use the pads on my fingers and I'm going to massage all of that in on her scalp really well t. Now her strands are fully  prepped, moisturized, nice and soft, hydrated. Right?

And we're ready to style her hair for the week!

So if you have scalp issues, this is how I want you to use the items in your scalp bundle and your hydration bundle. And also feel free to use your hair butter on the ends as well. 

I hope this served to help you understand how I use the products a bit more, but you can also watch the video below if you want to see it in action!!

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