How to Care for Relaxed Hair

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Customer Question: Help Sunny! How do I care for my relaxed hair?

Thank you for your email and for trusting Sunny In Denbigh on your hair journey. While our products are Natural Hair products they will work for your relaxed hair. 


Product Recommendation:  

We recommend the following products for our customers with permed or relaxed hair:
Here’s the best hair regimen that will help you achieve your goals. 
We recommend you start with our Detox Clay. It will strip your hair of any product build up that may be weighing your hair down. Rinse out the Detox Clay treatment with warm water. Follow up with our Overnight Deep Conditioner and Protein Mix based on Hair Porosity (Use the link below to complete Hair Porosity test if unknown)
Sit under hooded dryer or steamer for 35-45 minutes with plastic cap or bag covering hair. Rinse thoroughly. Follow up with Black Soap Shampoo 2x only (remember it’s a low lather shampoo but trust us it’s cleansing your hair and scalp)  Use our clarifying shampoo on touch up day. 
Then follow up with herbal growth oil (if blow drying or roller setting; Use hair butter to style relaxed/permed hair.)
Massage Intensive Oil for 5-10 minutes daily on scalp in any areas where you’re experiencing thinning hair. 
Use Herbal Growth Oil and Hair Butter daily to massage scalp, style hair or lay edges daily. 
Be sure to keep us posted on your progress. Send testimonials and Before and After pics to

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