How I Got Rid of My Daughter's Battle with Seborrheic Dermatitis

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Build up on the scalp, or any issues with the scalp? We urge you to try the scalp bundle.


It is one amazing bundle, you guys. 

First of all, it started because I am a Mother. My daughter was having flakes and build up, no matter how often we washed. It was so confusing that I was buying everything!


We even started  going to the doctor. But, they didn't have anything for us. We were offered prescription shampoos, but that made me nervous because I couldn't pronounce the chemicals in them.

 In my mind, I am thinking I have  probably spent thousands of dollars on  all of these things and they weren't working.

I was ready to just give up,  and then I  went to sleep and that’s when I was able to get the formula right.

I always know when I have a formula right if I have everything I need to make that product in the house that day. I woke up, and sure enough,I had everything I needed to make the scalp bundle right there.

I made it, and it worked. And, I knew it worked because after 3 days she wasn't flaking up anymore.

Now normally, we don't get past 3 days without the flakes, and I was like well for sure the flakes will pop up on day 4.

To my surprise, day 4 came- No Flakes! Then 5 days, 6 days, 7!


I couldn’t believe it, I let this girl's hair go for three weeks without washing it because I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn't trippin. Not a flake!

 I was using the scalp bundle on her hair, and using the scalp butter in particular,  like every other day. The only other  thing I would use on her hair was the leave-in conditioner and detangler. Man, when I tell you I was so shook! 

So after that, I was confident,  I reached out to some of our sunflowers who had messaged me over the years concerned about  scalp issues.

I said, “you know I have a product here I made for flaking, itchiness and dry scalp. I  know back in the day you said you needed help with scalp buildup or seborrheic dermatitis, well we made this product. We want you to try it, because we're using it and we're getting exceptional results.

I had to be sure, because maybe it's something special in my tap water that's giving me these results. So, I sent it to them.

 A week later, the Sunflowers were writing to us saying “What is this!!  I haven't had flakes for 5 days, this has never happened!”

 That's just how this bundle was born and it's just freed so many people. Because its so disconcerting to be washing your hair and your scalp just feeling dirty.

That's not it, you are not dirty, sometimes people have overproduction of sebum, some might be suffering due to hormonal reasons, it could happen because of medication, it could also be because of stress.

It’s truly so many different reasons, but I find a lot of people that have eczema or skin issues, experience this as well. For instance,  you have dry skin issues, you also tend to have issues with your scalp.

 Whatever issue you have with your scalp-itchy, any kind of build up, any kind of flaking, even those people who have it so bad they will see it on their forehead, like these white sheets; this is your cure.

Because it's all natural, you can even use it on your skin! 

So, don't sleep on that scalp bundle you guys! It is super effective!

It is one of these products that I offer unapologetically, and I'm actually happy to be able to provide a solution because it is such a confusing condition.

 I know because I was in a circle chasing my tail for two years!

So, to be able to figure it out! And all praises and glory to God because this was not me. 


If you of your family  struggles with seborrheic dermatitis or any scalp issue this bundle will change your life and heal your scalp. We spent 2 years trying to figure this condition out, going to doctors getting the medications and shampoos to no avail until God dropped this formulation in my spirit and it’s not only helped my family but so many others. 

Check out our scalp bundle and don’t forget to add our hydration bundle for moisture! 

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