Happy New Year New Hair

Happy New Year!
As a part of our “ New Year, New Hair” campaign we wanted to come and give you the benefits of 2 of our Signature Bundles. Most Naturals who come to us have “Type 4 Hair” (our products work across ALL hair types) and are looking to grow thick, long, healthy hair. We are going to show you how our 2 Signature products and the right regimen can help you achieve all three.
For customers who want Healthy Hair for the New Year:
Healthy Hair starts from the inside out!
We often recommend our customers to start with increasing their water intake, add protein, vitamins A, B, D & E and more Biotin to their diet either via Supplements or Vitamin rich foods like.
Biotin can be found in foods like: Egg Yolk, Legumes, Nuts and Seeds, Liver, Sweet Potatoes, Mushrooms, bananas, Broccoli, Nutritional Yeast, and Avocados.
A balanced diet will help promote hair growth from the inside out. Now you’re ready to add products that will help maintain hair health as it grows from your scalp. Our Hair products are made from 100% natural ingredients and are specially formulated to give you the results you’re looking for.
Our Hydration Bundle is specifically formulated for customers whose hair and scalp are dry and brittle. Dry brittle hair cannot thrive as it does not have the moisture necessary to feed the hair strands.
  • 16 oz Overnight Deep Conditioner

  • 16 oz Herbal Black Soap Shampoo

  • 16 oz Leave in Conditioner / Detangler 

  • 4 oz Herbal Growth Oil

Each product used together works to moisturize, define, hydrate and help hair retain moisture. See our Product Instructions for use
Our Growth Bundle consists of 4 products that will grow and thicken your hair by stimulating the hair follicles to promote growth.
Our Growth Bundle Consists of:
  • 16 oz Hair Butter “NEW SIZE”

  • 16 oz Herbal Blacksoap Shampoo “NEW SIZE”

  • 4 oz Herbal Growth oil

  • 2 oz Intensive scalp oil


For customers who want thicker hair or have thinning in their crown:

There are many reasons you could be experiencing thinning please see our previous Blog Post “Sunny Help My Hair: I have Alopecia." whatever the cause of thinning or hair loss or your reason to want thicker hair, lets get you on the right hair regimen so you can begin to see results.

Start with our Detox Clay to strip your hair of any of the chemical or buildup from other products. Wash out Detox Clay, once this is complete you can begin to truly assess the condition of your hair, you can trim your ends based on this statement. Then use our Growth Bundle products in order, follow our product instructions. We recommend “New customers wash their hair for the first 2 months every week to acclimate their hair to using our products. You can move to every 10-14 days thereafter. We also recommend a Protein Treatment mixed with our Overnight Deep Conditioner every 4 weeks, to reduce dryness and brittleness which will reverse or stunt hair growth.

For customers who want to grow their hair or retain length:

You will hear us say “Dry Hair won’t grow” and “Over manipulated hair won’t grow” we know from first hand experience. Prior to making Sunny In Denbigh products our CEO Gillian was not taking care of her and her daughters hair the way she does now. She know first hand what its like not to know which products work best to grow our hair in its natural state. After experimenting with different natural products she found the right mix of products that work for her and her daughters hair. She was able to grow her daughters hair to Mid back and Tail bone length and she started Sunny In Denbigh to share it with you.
Our Hydration Bundle contains our Elle Featured Leave In Conditioner which helps to soften hair so that it can easily be manipulated on Wash day which helps customers see less hair loss on wash day. Our overnight deep conditioner also helps to soften the hair and prepare it to be washed with our Black Soap Shampoo. This regimen ensures that all the beneficial nutrients are not lost in the shampooing process. Our Hair Butter found in our Growth Bundle and Herbal Growth Oil used Daily work to help you retain moisture when styling and in between wash days.
We hope this helps you to achieve your 2021 Hair Goals! If you want a tailored recommendation specifically for your hair type, concerns and goals email us at info@sunnyindenbigh.com

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