Discover Your Hair Porosity with Our Fun Quiz!

Welcome to Sunny In Denbigh's Hair Porosity Quiz!

Understanding your hair's porosity is key to choosing the right products and creating a personalized hair care routine. Take this quick and fun quiz to unveil the secrets of your hair porosity and embrace the journey to healthier, more vibrant locks!

Quiz Questions:


1.How does your hair usually feel after washing? 

 a) Damp for a long time  b) Damp for a bit, then starts to dry  c) Dries quickly           



2.What happens when you apply hair products?    

  a) Takes a while to absorb, feels heavy  b) Absorbs well, feels just right 

 c) Absorbs very quickly, feels lightweight                                                                     


3.How does your hair react to heat styling?     

 a) Hard to style, takes a long time to dry b) Styles easily, holds curls/waves     

c) Styles quickly, may get too dry or frizzy                                                                    


4.How does your hair look and feel in humid weather? 

  a) Swells, becomes frizzy      b) Holds up well, minimal frizz  c) Stays sleek and smooth                                                                                                                       



5.How often does your hair need moisture?  

 a) Constantly feels dry    b) Regular moisture keeps it balanced  c) Rarely feels dry, minimal need for moisture



  • Mostly B's: Your hair has medium porosity, absorbing and retaining moisture well. Maintain a balanced routine with regular hydration. You may find our Protective Styling Bundle to be the best products for regular maintenance.


Congratulations on completing the Hair Porosity Quiz! Armed with this newfound knowledge, you can tailor your hair care routine to meet the unique needs of your hair. Embrace the journey to healthier, more beautiful locks with Sunny In Denbigh's expert tips and recommended products!

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