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If there’s anything we are here at Sunny In Denbigh, it’s honest. If we can’t help you, we tell you. One of the things we notice with the clients we serve male and female is they’re looking for help with making their hair more manageable which helps in so many ways. Manageable hair means making better first impressions which can lead to a new job, a promotion and even a first date. (It’s me Gillian I’m a closet “Matchmaker ya’ll, I Love, Love) It can also mean having more self-confidence, increased self-esteem and loving your hair more.

So when we go LIVE talking about how our products can help your hair, we’re also talking about what comes along with healthier, more manageable hair. We posted on our page yesterday asking what your hair goals were and each woman wanted something different. It feels so good knowing that the products I created for my family’s hair and skin concerns are now helping other women and their families. I still can’t believe this is our life, grateful is an understatement.

We literally have a product that can help with every hair issue. I’ve taken the time to list them and their benefits below. Listen 2020 has dealt us blow after blow, but this too shall pass and you deserve to get the hair you deserve.

As always we’re just an email away. New to Sunny In Denbigh? Still on the fence about our products? Email us your hair concern and we’ll make personalized product recommendations. Email


Mega Bundle is for our Veteran Clients who want to ensure they never run out of their essential products for themselves and their family of 4 .

Hydration Bundle is one of our Core Bundles perfect for clients who are looking to replenish the moisture lost from heat and chemical treatments. If your goal is “Juicy Curls” or an Amazing “Twist Out” this will be your Jam.

Growth Bundle often purchased with our Hydration Bundle is perfect for new or current customers looking to regrow edges, or stimulate hair growth to add wanted inches. My daughters have Mid back and Lower Back Length hair respectively. We’ve been using these products for years on 4B and 4C hair, the length you want is possible!

EVERY NATURAL NEEDS A PROTEIN TREATMENT. Our protein treatment helps to repair your hair, reduces breakage and prevents split ends. It helps your hair maintain its natural balance. We recommend a treatment once a month and after every protective style. You can add this popular A La Carte item to any order;

Wash Day Bundle No Wash Day is complete without our Shampoo to cleanse your scalp and strands and our Leave In Conditioner/Detangler will make Wash Day fun again. Warning: Our customers have been know to experience less shedding, softer and fuller hair while using our detangler, You’re Welcome.

For those customers who want to try our products separately we have all our products offered “A La Carte” you can purchase what you need when you need it. Our Biggest A La Carte items are our 72 oz Overnight Deep Conditioner, 8 oz Intensive Oil and our 16 oz Herbal Growth Oil.

Hope this helps. Be sure to follow us on IG where you can catch me, Gillian on one of my LIVES answering your questions in real time!!

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Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Treatment
Sale Price:35.00 Original Price:40.00

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