A Sneak Peek into the Exclusive Membership Box with Sunny In Denbigh

 October Membership Box is a Skin Brightening Box.

So we have like our skin care products on our site now, but we're doing kojic acid this month. So kojic acid is made from rice and it's like a natural skin brightener, and it's a little bit stronger or a lot stronger than tumeric. So if you're signed up for our membership box this month and you have dark spots, you have hyperpigmentation. I've been using it, y'all, because I tell y'all, before I put out anything, I use it. So I've been using it and it works fast. Like I'm talking about three days. I'm looking like it works really quick. So you're going to love it. It's going to bekojic acid face wash. You're going to get kojic acid moisturizer and you're going to get kojic acid serum. So everything is for your face. You can also use it for your skin.

Why you Will Love it...

So if you have dark marks under your arm, your butt, your kneecaps, your elbows, wherever. Oh, y'all like that. Listen, when I tell you this blender is fired. Like, I didn't even talk about it much because I was like, you know what, first of all, I didn't talk about it a lot because we don't have a lot. So it's not one of these bundles. You're going to be able to buy an extra bundle. So we're like exact on it. So I'm not even talking about it as a way to advertise it. I'm just talking about it towards the people who actually are part of the membership and are going to get one. It is going to be a dope dope bundle. Like you're going into the new year with good skin. Who is this? Like just flawless, flawless skin. So the wash you can use to maya, can I see the wash, please?

The Kojic Face wash.

There's a little bit of Tumeric in it, but it's made with koji acid as well.

It has like a wait, what it smells like? It smells like lemon and cleanness. It smells clean, and it's so thick and listen, it's so thick and nice. It's like honey. It really just reminds me of honey, honestly. It's so rich and it's so bold and it smells really nice. You're going to use this to wash your face. You can also bathe with it if you want. And this is going to be like your first step to removing your dark spots, right? Or hyperpigmentation.

So I would just use this on areas where I want to remove dark spots. I wouldn't use it on like, you know, you can use it on your whole body, but you probably don't want to remove dark spots on your whole body, right? So you probably just have specific areas that you want to remove dark spots. So if your arm is discolored from wearing deodorant and stuff, you could probably just put this under your armpits and wash the rest of your body with something else and let it kind of sit on it for a little bit.

And then you wash this out before you come out of the shower. We've been using it on our face, so washing your face really good with this. It's an excellent face wash and nice rich leather. You guys are going to love it.

Kojic Spot Remover

Then we have the Kojic spot remover. So this is for like, if you have dark spots anywhere you want to treat, like, specific spots. So let's say your knees are dark or your elbows are dark or again, your armpits are dark. Underneath your butt is dark. Maybe your neck is dark. I don't know. Wherever you want to remove dark spots. This is a moisturizer right here, and you could see it's like a cream, nice and thick. Let me show you. This is the consistency of it. Nice cream. And you could rub this into your skin. And I love this because a lot of times when you use creams and then when you put on makeup on top, your face is like oily and greasy or, you know, it's just not a good look, right? This gives you like a max feel to it. If you want to wear, like, your makeup or whatever on top, it doesn't make you oily, but it still makes your skin very much soft, very supple.

So you can use this in the morning, like, after you wash your face in the morning with this dry, with your washcloth, then you go in and you put a couple of dabs of your moisturizer on. And it's called a spot remover because wherever you have a dark spot, you put it there. Over the course of a couple of days, you're going to see this fade and it's going to start to lighten. I have seen this happen on my own skin. I started using this. When did I start using it? Wednesday. Last week. Wednesday. Because you know what? I like to try everything before I send it to you. And I promise you, all spots are getting lighter. Okay? So this right here, this you want to just keep in your toolbox. So if you have a spot that you've been working on and it's going to lighten up within like a couple of weeks, right? I wouldn't continue to use this. I would just keep this for whenever you have another spot, just something you want to have. Like when you're trying to work on a certain area. Kind of like how we use the intensive SCAP oil, like we treat excuse me, specific areas.

That's what I would keep this spot treatment for. So if you get, like, a black head on your face, or if you break out on your face and you're trying to get rid of a spot, I would save this for that

Kojic Face Serum

This is a serum. its very thick. its also made with kojic acid, after you wash your face you are going to go in with your serum, and you are going to go in a circular upward motion all the way into the hairline. this will make the skin look young.


These three products are so great for your body, and your face. Me, personally, i don't really have many dark spots on my body. I used to have a scar but the body butters cleared that up..

But, if you are getting this box, you are going to love it. It's going to really clear your skin, it's kojic acid, its strong but it's all natural and it's going to be effective.


Remember this is for members. We don't have much left over so if you are a member you will be getting this, if not stay tuned and see if we are able to offer this at a later date.


Membership closes tomorrow Oct.19th 2022, so sign up now

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