6 Spring Hair Tips for Naturally Curly Hair


Happy Sunday Beautiful!!!

It's that time of year where the sun begins to peek its head and we may swap out our protective style for a bomb twist out. You may notice that your hair has grown in but may be slightly uneven in some places. You also may notice your scalp is oilier and in some cases flakier. If you are aiming to show off your Winter Growth in the upcoming weeks be sure to treat and protect your strands.

Here are 6 Spring Hair Tips for your Naturally Curly Hair:

  1. Trim Your Ends- We are not big fans of cutting your ends too often but a slight trim or even dusting of your ends can even out your hair and promote even growth
  2. Detox Your Hair- This may be a great time for a detox on your hair. A detox will help to rid your hair of any product buildup that accumulated on your hair over winter. Don't forget to Deep Condition to replenish moisture.
  3. Weekly Overnight Deep Conditioner Treatments- Stick to your weekly wash days and Overnight Deep Conditioner Treatments; Dampen dirty hair with Lukewarm water; Finger Detangle Hair and apply Overnight Deep Conditioner; Apply Plastic Cap and sit under hooded dryer or steamer for 25-35 minutes (longer for lower porosity and longer hair); This will help your hair follicles to absorb more moisture.
  4. Shampoo More Often- The more your hair is exposed to the elements you may need to wash your hair more often. If you have been washing your hair every 10-14 days consider switching to every 7-10 days. Follow our full product instructions to help your hair retain moisture.
  5. Condition Hair- Our Liquid Leave in Conditioner is perfect to keep hair soft, hydrated (a spritz a day can help add & retain moisture, tame flyaways and frizz) Our Creamy Leave in Conditioner (found in our Perfect Twistout Bundle) will help retain moisture and promote growth.
  6. Protect Your Hair- Consider wearing protective headwear like a hat or head wrap on the days where you will be enjoying more hours in the sun.


Here are a few of the products we mentioned above that will help your hair thrive this spring:

Hydration Bundle

Growth Bundle

Protective Styling Essentials Bundle

Perfect Twistout Bundle

Detox Clay


Happy Spring!!! 




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