4 Tips for HEALTHY Colored Natural Hair

Do you have colored natural hair or do you want to know a few tips on how to care for your colored natural hair?

Look no further Babe.

First of all you go Babe, this is my first time coloring my own natural hair and now I see what all the hype is about. The hair color changes you into a whole new person. Check out this pic with Bae, I think he approves.

Enough about me, lets get into caring for your Color Treated Natural Hair. You guys and gals know I’m all about keeping Hair care “Easy and Fun.”


Step 1:

Some Hair Dyes are harsh and can strip your hair so be sure to ask your colorist about Dyes and Techniques that will give you the desired color without stripping your hair too much. Use our African Black Soap Shampoo which is Sulfate, Paraben and Dye Free that will begin to add those needed nutrients back to your hair. Don’t be afraid to take your SID products with you to the Salon.


Step 2:

Use Low Manipulation and Maintenance Styles for the next few weeks and apply Sunny In Denbigh Hair Butter or Herbal Growth Oil daily; if you’ve ever wanted to rock a Natural Puff Style or “Wash & Go” this would be the time to do it. Our Leave In Detangler will help to keep your hair soft and Manageable in between washes.


Step 3:

Dust Your Ends; We are not fans of scissors here at Sunny In Denbigh but you may need to dust your ends as color can cause some split ends and breakage; See Step 4 to minimize this.


Step 4:

Our Overnight Deep Conditioner and Protein Treatments will be your two “Go To” Products on Wash Day as you care for your color treated Natural Hair. Both products were made to add needed moisture back into your strands and prevent Dry/Brittle hair, Spilt ends and breakage. Be sure to Steam Treat your hair or sit Under a Dryer with a plastic cap on your hair after applying our Overnight Deep Conditioner (Add our Protein treatment based on hair porosity every 3-4 weeks) Check your hair porosity on our site under our Product Instructions page.


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