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Sunny in Denbigh Protein Treatment

Your hair is made out of a protein called keratin. This protein provides structure to your hair, giving it its shape and strength. Without protein, your hair is limp, lifeless, and weak, and can fall out or fall apart very easily.

Protein balances the moisture in your hair to keep the hair healthy and strong. If you have enough protein but not enough moisture, your hair will be dry, brittle, and stiff. But too much moisture and not enough protein can leave your hair limp, lifeless, and weak (this is known as hygral fatigue.) You need both moisture and protein to maintain healthy hair, which is often referred to as moisture/protein balance.

This hydrolyzed wheat protein treatment attaches to your hair follicle, filling in any gaps, hardening the hair cuticle layer, and protecting it from further damage. It reduces shedding and breaking after the first use.

You can tell your hair needs a protein treatment if it feels weak, limp, and lifeless. Especially if it seems like products aren’t working and no amount of moisture seems to make your hair look or feel good, it’s time for a protein treatment.

Most naturals benefit from a protein treatment every 4 weeks, depending on hair damage and how much protein is in your everyday hair products.

Pay attention to how your hair feels. If it is bouncy, strong, and healthy, you don’t need more protein! If it is beginning to feel weak and limp, it’s time for a protein treatment. After a while, you’ll notice how often your hair needs protein treatments.

Please follow the Product instructions based on Hair Porosity for how much Protein Treatment to Mix in with our Overnight Deep Conditioner.



INGREDIENTS - 4 oz Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

  • Keep refrigerated in between using.

  • 4-6 month supply depending on hair porosity



For External Use Only

Do Not Use on Broken Skin

Stop Use if Rash or Skin Irritation Occurs

**Product Ships in 12-16 Business Days from Order Placement Date