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Let’s celebrate National Curl day with this combination bundle that is guaranteed to make your curls pop!

Introducing our perfect hair bundle – the Mango Black Castor Oil and Citrus Curl Enhancer.

Say goodbye to dry, brittle hair and hello to healthy, soft, and defined curls. Our bundle is the ultimate solution to achieving your hair goals.

Start with the Mango Black Castor Oil, designed to deeply nourish your scalp and promote hair growth. Its powerful blend of natural ingredients, including pure  black castor oil and mango extract, stimulates hair follicles, strengthens hair strands, and prevents breakage.

Next, use our Citrus Curl Enhancer to define and moisturize your curls. Its unique blend of natural oils and extracts hydrates your hair, promotes healthy growth, and defines your curls for a bouncy and full look.

Whether you're looking to grow your hair out or enhance your natural curls, our hair bundle is perfect for all hair types. These two products work together to provide hydration, promote healthy hair growth, and define your curls for a flawless look.

With the Mango Black Castor Oil and Citrus Curl Enhancer bundle, you'll experience the ultimate hair care routine. Say hello to healthy, vibrant, and manageable hair today.

You Get 

  • 4 oz Citrus Curl Enhancer 
  • 2 oz Mango Black Castor Oil


Disclaimer: Please note that Sunny IN Denbigh Natural Hair Products are made with natural ingredients and do not contain synthetic preservatives. As a result, our products may have a shelf life of up to one year from the date of purchase. It is important to store our products in a cool, dry place and to use them within the recommended timeframe. Please read our product labels and use our products as directed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.